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Ingenico Payment Services Magento Module

  • Ingenico Payment Services Module
  • Neben Kreditkartenzahlung kann u.a. auch die Zahlverfahren Lastschrift, Paypal, Sofortüberweisung, Rechnung usw. eingestellt werden
  • Ingenico Payment Services Module
  • Ingenico Payment Services
  • One Page Checkout offers your customers optimal usability and builds confidence
  • The module helps you to reduce shopping card abandonment rates by building and enhancing customer confidence
  • Manage transactions efficiently via the Magento admin panel
  • Your current Magento version will always be supported thanks to constant updates
  • Benefit from our excellent support
  • You will receive an invoice with accounted value-added tax
  • Support for the Paypal seller protection
  • SEPA compatibility for Direct Debits DE and Direct Debits NL

For many customers secure online payment is one of the most important criteria when selecting an online shop. Purchases are frequently terminated if the payment method does not seem trustworthy.

To avoid this you should use Netresearch’s Ingenico extension in your shop. It enables your customers to stay on the same website during the whole shopping process from item search to payment. This builds confidence and increases the likelihood of purchase. But not only your customers benefit from the advantages of the Ingenico payment module. With the app you can manage transactions easily and efficiently via the Magento admin panel, without having to log in to the Ingenico backend. Storage of credit card data is also a thing of the past with this Magento extension, so your efforts to obtain PCI DSS certification are bound to drop significantly.

As you can see it is very simple to provide optimal usability for your customers on the one hand and reduce shopping card abandonment rates and manage transaction data efficiently on the other hand. Start using the extension today and optimize your online shop.

The Ingenico module could look like this in your shop frontend (during checkout):

Community Edition

  • 1.0
  • 1.1
  • 1.2
  • 1.3
  • 1.4
  • 1.4.2
  • 1.5
  • 1.6
  • 1.6.1
  • 1.7
  • 1.9

Enterprise Edition

  • 1.10
  • 1.11
  • 1.11.1
  • 1.12
  • 1.13
  • 1.14


ceCommunity Edition15.11.09Nov 9, 2015
eeEnterprise Edition15.11.09Nov 9, 2015

Release info

Ingenico Payment Services | 15.11.09

  • Missing ITEM parameters for Klarna, leading to error "50001208 - Missing social security number".
  • Missing parameters PM and BRAND when Paysafecard was used.
  • Wrong gateway URLs used when mode-selector was set to "test" or "prod".
  • Checkout was broken when cart only contained virtual products, message: "Recoverable Error: Argument 1 passed to Netresearch_OPS_Helper_Payment_Request::extractShipToParameters() ...".
  • Order confirmation pages not 100% identical for redirect and inline payments.
  • Fixed handling of status 91 for Paypal payments
  • Repeated email notifications for new orders in intermediary states, e.g. status 55 (this only affected Magento versions older than CE 1.9 / EE 1.14).
  • Resolved issues with order placement for OpenInvoiceNL/DE with Klarna
  • Included necessary changes to ensure full functionality due to Magento Patch SUPEE-6788

Ingenico Payment Services feature release (CUP release) | 15.06.08

New Features:
  • Config switch for target enviroment
    Previously the gateway urls used to communicate with Ingenico had to be configured by hand. The extension will now offer a simple select field for switching between production or test mode and also offers the option to enter custom gateway urls if necessaray.
  • Resend payment informations
    As merchant you now have the option to send an email to customers whose payments failed on Ingenico side (status 0 or 2). The mail will contain a link to Ingenico where the customer has the option to re-enter his payment details in order to recover the order. The Ingenico extension offers customizable mail templates for this feature.
  • Generic payment model
    The extension now offers a new payment method, that allows the customer to choose the payment method on Ingenico side, basically enabling payments with payment methods that are not yet implemented in the extension itself.
  • Integration of China Union Pay
    The extension now offers the China Union Pay payment method in Magento.
  • Better handling of payments with 3DS cards
    Failed payments could result in the order in Magento getting stuck in payment review state in some configurations. This is now handled properly.
  • Improved state/status restriction model
    If using Authorization as payment action, the order state/status could not be updated manually anymore. This issue is now fixed.
  • OpenInvoiceDE has missing PM parameter
    Due to earlier refactoring, the payment method OpenInvoiceDE no longer transmitted a PM parameter, requiring the customer to choose the payment method on Ingenico side again. The parameter will now be transmitted properly.
  • Missing order confirmation on bank transfer payments
    Under some circumstances the order confirmation for orders with bank transfer as payment method were not properly sent. The order confirmation will now be always send.
  • Fix backend (MO/TO) orders in Enterprise Edition 1.12 and 1.13
    There has been a problem with older Enterprise Editions that made backend orders fail on the first attempt (but being successful on the second try). This has been fixed.
  • enabled ACL settings for status update button
    Added proper ACL settings for the “Update payment status” button
  • Improvements for OpenInvoiceDE payment method
    The payment method can now be configured to be enabled even with discounted carts and will transmit the additional data accordingly.
  • Order state restriction feature now toggleable
    The order state restriction feature can now be toggled off in the extension configuration, since it proved problematic for merchants with custom statuses.

Ingenico Payment Services | 14.12.03

  • Rebrand the extension to Ingenico Payment Services
  • Improved handling of multiple orders with the same quote ID
    When using the same quote for more than one checkout, on rare occasions errors could occur. These are now prevented by a more strict handling.
  • Improved parameter validation
    On some configurations the validation could return a false negative due to address fields being customized (e.g. multiple street address lines or requirement changes on fields). These are now handled correctly.
  • Credit card handling with order ID as merchant reference
    There were problems with invoices generated too early, when using said merchant referance, these are now handled better.
  • Bank transfer payments canceled on automatic update
    On some configurations it could happen that bank transfer payments were canceled in Magento although they were actually paid.
  • Missing reference in creditmemo mails
    Due to the creditmemo mail being sent before the mail was actually saved, the creditmemo ID was not visible in the mail.
  • Fix rare checkout issue with Internet Explorer
    On rare Magento configurations the IE was unable to progress through the payment method step in checkout, when using inline credit card payments. This has now been solved.

Ingenico Payment Services | 14.10.07

  • Usage of Order Id for credit cards and direct debit payment methods (inline payments)
    The merchant can decide whether the order id or the quote id is used as merchant reference for inline payments like credit card or direct debit payment methods.
  • Checkout validation of address fields.
    Fix typo in validation of input fields, so the validation is triggered for all necessary fields.

Ingenico Payment Services

  • Processing responses of direct link requests Sometimes the payment could fail because the response from the payment gateway was not processed properly. In this version better handling is implemented.
  • Payment Method cleared when changing the order when a customer wants to change the payment method to be used for his order, the old payment method information is now cleared automatically before the new payment information is entered.
  • Ip address transmission in exceptional cases, the IP address was not transmitted for inline credit card payments. This is fixed in this release.
  • Ingenico alias gateway request is made for non Ingenico payments a request was sent to the Ingenico alias gateway, even when a non Ingenico payment method was used. Now the request is only sent when an Ingenico payment method is used.

License terms

The following license terms apply to this article:

One license per Magento installation / Magento instance

This extension may be used on one Magento installation / Magento instance. The number of store URLs does not matter. Thus a single license can also be used for Multi Shops. In addition, you are permitted to use the extension in an associated test or staging installation and a corresponding development environment.

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