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eCommerce directory

In our eCommerce directory you find all players in the eCommerce: merchants, service provider, systemintegrators and agencies.

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App store

Find in our App store the suitable extension for your Magento-shop and increase your sales.

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Events & Trainings

We organize popular Events & Trainings for the Magebto ecosystem. Buy your ticket for the next event. Blog blog

In our blog you find numerous news, tips and trends around Magento, the eCommerce and

The right Magento module, a helpful partner network and valued eCommerce events: the Netresearch App Factory is your partner for a successful start into eCommerce. Our digital marketplace makes entering eCommerce easier for you through our extensive contacts and also allows you to present your expertise and offer your services. Our comprehensive services enable you to focus onto the main goals of your business.

The Netresearch App Factory is the digital marketplace for e-commerce. We are the gateway between service providers, system integrators and merchants. With its extensive eCommerce directory, selected Magento extensions, and our popular community events, our marketplace has a wide variety of offerings around eCommerce. Have a look yourself. Become a part of our marketplace and profit from greate range and access to the Magento ecosystem.

Our eCommerce directory gives you insight to the market, relevant system integrators, service providers, shop systems, and some merchants. You are looking for the the right agency to create your future online shop, or for a service provider for a certain gateway (e.g. payment), or for a compilation of existing shop systems and merchants? Then you should find what you are looking for here.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of module in our Extension shop which allow you to optimise your Magento shop system. You can choose from a range of modules created by system integrators, extension developers, and service prodivers, each one knowing from experience what requirements your online shop should fulfil. Using our pre-configured and Localised Magento editions Localised Magento editions, you get the opportunity to set up you own online shop easily and hassle-free.

Events are a powerful tool to enter the eCommerce scene. The Magento events we organise are very popular among the community. The leading symposium Meet Magento brings the important companies from the industry together once a year. The Developers Paradise is not just an adventurous excursion for developers but a very interesting event for training and networking.